Devdoes selfie

Currently working for a YC S14 startup. I've had over 9 years experience working for early to mid-stage startups as an engineer including two YC alumni; one during their initial demo-phase, the other several years into their startup journey.
The ideal work environment for me to thrive in is data driven, product oriented, honest, compassionate, equal, creative and free.

Areas of Engineering:
iOS, Backend, Web

Video Streaming, Maps, VR, 2D Games

Technologies I am familiar with:
Swift, Objc, Golang, Ruby, Python, C#, C++, Javascript
SwiftUI, Combine, CarPlay, tvOS, RoR, Django, Unity3D, Cocos2D
Heroku, DigitalOcean, AWS, GoogleCloud

Figma, Trello, Notion, Slack, Zoom
Xcode, Jetbrains IDEs